Beeketing is a marketing automation platform for e-commerce sellers around the world. We want to build a dynamic, passionate, and skillful team of young talents to create a legacy in the global market.

Beeketing is now being used by more than 400,000 businesses to serve more than 120 million customers every month. In order to keep up with the rapid pace of growth and significant increase in market demand, we’re now looking for a Process Quality Assurance to join us on the journey towards our noble mission

What will you do?

  • Training on processes for software development projects.
  • Make sure the projects follow the proposed process, manage the progress of checking the projects daily, and consolidate the report
  • Monitor and evaluate weekly project activities to ensure quality and minimize risks for the project.
  • Consult and support tech lead to adjust the process accordingly.
  • Participate in management and improvement of project management support tool.


  • Experience with PQA position.
  • Good knowledge of quality management processes: CMMI, Agile - Scrum, ...
  • Participated in software project development process.
  • Ability to work in English.
  • Ability to collect and analyze good information.
  • Ability to persuade and motivate other members of the group.
  • Hardworking, persistent, progressive, responsible for the job.

Technologies we use

  • Golang/High performance, High availability in-house microservice platform.
  • Vue.js / jQuery / NodeJS / ES6.
  • PHP / Symfony2 / MVC frameworks.
  • RabbitMQ/ Kafka.
  • Mysql.
  • Redis / ElasticSearch / MongoDB.
  • NIX.
  • Java, Scala / Spark / Hadoop / HBase.
  • Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, BigQuery, Amazon S3.
  • Scikitlearn, Tensorflow, word2vec…and many other ML/AI technologies.


  • Competitive NET salary.
  • 13th month salary.
  • 1-2 month salary as annual performance bonus.
  • Opportunities to have stock options of a million-dollar company.

Working Environment

  • Dynamic, flexible and equal working environment.
  • Working with a team full of young and passionate talents.
  • Free lunch at the office cooked by our own chef.
  • Boosting your creativity and productivity at work to the highest level at our modern working place.
  • Flexible working hours, no dress code.
  • Travelling abroad with the company every year.

Training and self-development

  • Being updated with new technologies (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Nosql, System Design,…)
  • Having chances to provide solutions for real e-commerce problems.
  • Learning from the best in the field - they are mentors who are currently working for big names in Sillicon Valley.
  • Participating in training courses and conferences in US, Singapore, Australia,… every year.


Email your CV to us at: